American Airlines Services – How To Do It Right

Water ski gear encased in a container or containers acceptable to Carrier and including no more than one (1) set of water skis and one (1) life preserver; 9. If you think you’ve been wrongly charged for luggage fees, speak to an American representative to get assistance or file a refund claim within 45 days. Archery gear, such as a bow, arrows, and a mean size target (large target stands cannot be accepted), so long as the bow and arrows are encased in a container suitable to Carrier for withstanding regular luggage handling without sustaining damage to the gear. 12. Bag shipping support.

Scuba gear, provided air tanks are empty and all corresponding gear (BCD, mask, flippers, weight belt, etc.) are encased together in a container suitable to Carrier. If you’re traveling for business or pleasure on your next trip, let’s deliver your luggage to you. * Where can I locate a list of restricted items and toxic substances? The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has an approved list of items which could be brought on board. Flying on one of our partners? Please contact TSA in 1-866-289-9673 or visit the TSA web site.

From seating policy to lounge info, american airlines customer service phone number here’s everything you want to learn about flying together with our partner airlines. * Can I transfer fireworks? No. Lost an item?

Fireworks are around TSA’s Prohibited Items list. We will be able to help you. That list may be found online in the TSA web site. If you’ve dropped an item on a plane or in an American-operated area, at the airport or at a security checkpoint, see our lost and found page and then we ‘ll point you in the right direction. * Could I send freight?

American is not a freight airline, will not accept freight of any sort. Special help. All baggage must accompany a paying passenger on the flight. Let’s take care of you. No baggage over 100 pounds will be approved. We offer help at the airport, on the plane and upon entrance for a variety of needs such as traveling with devices, disabilities, kids and much more. * Where should I keep my prescription medication?

American highly recommends all prescription medication travel with the person utilizing the container marked with the title of the person to whom they are prescribed. What airlines offer bereavement flights? Although highly unlikely, should your bag not make it to the last destination, American does not want you to be without your prescription medication. Sadly, not all airlines offer discounts to relatives and close friends that are traveling on account of the loss of a loved person or a household emergency. * Could I travel with a firearm? American allows firearms to be transported using the following guidelines: 1. However, there are some national and global carriers in the American states and Canada that offer bereavement fares.

All customers need to declare their firearm in the time of check-in. 2. This is in recognition of the fact that traveling due to a bereavement will usually demand a last-minute/walk-up booking, and these can be very expensive. Firearms and ammunition cannot be carried responsibly the aircraft and also therefore are approved in checked baggage only.

3. One of the airlines that do offer a bereavement discount, the rules and costs vary from carrier to carrier. All firearms must be unloaded 4. All these drivers require the passenger is an immediate relative, and is able to provide particulars of the person that has passed on, and the funeral arrangements. Firearms should be in a locked case and must have the ability to withstand normal baggage handling without damaging the firearm or other baggage.

5. These details are taken by a customer support rep while you make the reservation. (Bereavement flights may ‘t be reserved on line.) Small-arms ammunition meant for hunting or sport are approved only if carried in a sturdy checked bag. 6. Some airlines, even although they don’t offer bereavement flights, will expand extra assistance to passengers that are arranging traveling due to a bereavement, so they can make the journey as straightforward as possible. Ammunition must be in the manufactures original container, or equal fiber, wood, or metal container specifically designed to carry ammunition. We’ve summarized the policies of numerous carriers in the American States and Canada below. This carrier has to offer adequate cartridge separation.

7. First, though: why many airlines give for no longer supplying bereavement flights is their regular cheap fares and deals are actually cheaper than their old bereavement discount.