Group Economics – A Simple Method To Develop Flourishing Black Communities

The first time I met a black Muslim in America was in the 90s. I had just arrived from England and this man wearing a bow tie and three-piece-suit approached me with a copy of the Final Call newspaper – the official mouthpiece of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He wanted me to buy the newspaper but I resisted. He told me it was the bestselling newspaper in America. I told him I was new in America but I was sure the Final Call could not be the bestselling newspaper in America.

When looking at the state of the black family, homes & neighborhoods it’s hard to believe that it would be called a community. So many young black men with no jobs but no one in the Neighborhood hires them for any work. A lot of us still spend money on useless material even though we’re getting paid less. More people losing their homes and no body helps them.

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I’m not saying that my parents treated my siblings and me like Joe Jackson treated his children, but from personal experience, I understand some of what Michael Jackson went through as a child. To vilify Joe Jackson; however, without examining the slave system of behavior that he inherited too easily makes him a scapegoat for something far more sinister than he was capable of creating. Black education rarely includes studying how nearly 300 years of systemically imposed hatred for oneself has influenced the way we raise our children.

Now, let’s take ladies, Margaret Court, Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf. They are all incredible. Their play pleases the tennis fans to no end. Their play is persistent. Smooth movements, combined with sharp play makes Maria Ester Bueno, the Brazilian, one of the most exquisite players to adorn the tennis courts and enchant the fans with her poise. Roger Federer also falls into this category. Though Steffi Graf is at the top of the list, one can say that she is the most graceful loser. Even a match lost due to illness, would not deter her from showing her appreciation of the adversary with all the grace that goes with her character.

These Web sites you can create a profile that will outline your interest and wants your personal statistics, to take pictures, and you can see the profiles of other users. Women can also use online dating for black singles service with black men. This form of online networking is a great way to meet new people and start slowly in your quest to be a man in your life. It is very convenient and does not require your presence at all times.

In fact, the intentions of the magician determine the result, not the color of the magic. In principle, the black color is associated with force and control – the power to act and have control over the others. Magic, as weapons, can be used to do harm or for self-protection.

I am not unfamiliar with how the law can limit the examination of evidence, how some things can be seen or not seen, heard or not heard. The murderer never got on the stand to be cross examined. I know that the law does not define right and wrong. It is a shame that common sense cannot be applied to a crime such as this. I’m sure the jury, even this mostly white jury in a town long burdened with the weight of a racist past, knows deep down that what happened here is a grievous wrong. But for those of us in the crosshairs of these types of people and these types of laws, this is no comfort. By definition, it is now open season on young brown and Especially on a dark rainy night where some paranoid idiot might be packing heat.

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All black people must think before they jump from frying pan to fire. And before you pick up arms to fight for those Talibans dying in Afghanistan, spare a minute for two million children who die of malaria each year in Sub-Saharan Africa. Those are your people. For real!